Happy fourth, I think. There doesn’t seem to be the usual festive atmosphere associated with celebrating our country’s birthday. Too much division, discord, and disagreement. The troubling thing is, no…

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Take A Breath

It’s interesting. It’s confusing. Let me get this straight. Several years ago, the narrative around the country filling the media circus, dealt with our nation’s history, how we needed to…

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Whatever It May Be

Five weeks into this, whatever it may be, the frustrations are mounting. This is the first morning in my fifth week of being laid-off (because of whatever it may be)…

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“You just need to stop!” admonished my wife. “I can’t” I replied, a little sarcastically. Which made her stare even more ominous. “You can’t, or you don’t want to?” I…

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Often time, when I sing along with our National Anthem, I well up inside. Standing with thousands of other Americans, watching fireworks, as military aircraft flys over sends chills down…

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Snapshot of God

Where should I start? Let’s see… no world peace, crime on the rise, and global warming. Then there’s inflation that sometimes makes stretching the pay check from week to week…

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