What Do We Do With God?

So, what do we do with God? I’m serious! What are we going to do with God? It’s a valid question. As a nation we started with His word as a guide to how we wanted to live. We constructed a nation which has been lauded over for two hundred plus years. God, along with His word, is the cornerstone this country laid its foundation upon. 

He is the One many pray to, worship, and commune with on a weekly basis. That One. What’s going to happen with Him? The cry goes out how our nation is a diverse country. The need is to be open and accepting to those who may not believe as WE do. You see the key word here is WE. WE as a nation, WE as a people, WE who call the United States of America home. WE, as a collective group, who still stand on the cornerstone used to birth this great nation. What are WE going to do? 

We’ve already allowed Him removed from our education system. Banished from public buildings along with government offices. The bright and morning star in scripture, the hope for man, is on the verge of being removed from our very foundation. The voices are loud and getting louder. Let’s not be fooled. It’s starting with statues and memorials. If not taken down, they are defaced and destroyed. 

The cry to remove the “white Jesus” and take down crosses is starting and getting loud. Soon the media will give it credence, allowing the narrative to gain strength. Then some popular movie star, sports great, or perhaps a government official will start to chip away from our already cracked and damaged foundation instead of strengthening it. 

We’ll forget. Out of sight, out of mind the old saying goes. Our strongest symbol of why we started this country, gone! I guess we want to wipe our complete history, our reason, the truth we have fought for. Freedom of religion. We did not want to be told who, or how to worship. Now we’re scared. Afraid we’ll offend. Our nation is falling apart and we’re removing the glue which holds us together. 

Sports teams are changing names. Business’s are rethinking promoting said business. Product labels rewritten. I’m sure consumers will look like they’re lost while searching for a familiar label that has now disappeared. Our way of life is eroding. More and more intrusions are being allowed. There will be critiques of what I say. As I stated before, I will not apologize.   

Where is the strength, fortitude, and drive which pushed us to fight for what we believe? People will say things like times have changed, things are different. Never a truer statement. One thing even truer, God never changes. Malachi 3:6a “I the Lord do not change”. What a reassuring truth. In a time when everything is being questioned, we have a truth we can latch onto. A hope never failing. A God who stands firm. 

May we be sure to stand with Him and on His truth.

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