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It’s interesting. It’s confusing. Let me get this straight. Several years ago, the narrative around the country filling the media circus, dealt with our nation’s history, how we needed to remove symbols of our past. They were divisive, cruel, and offensive. Something we felt no longer should be a representation of our nation. We wanted to wipe a part of history from existence.

We removed statues, lowered flags, all because they were now deemed unpleasant. A black eye. We should not honor a past which celebrated, saluted, or what some may have thought, glorified, a part of our country’s history. So, leaders caved. Flags and statues discarded, we took our past, it’s good or bad, and we put it away. The important things we learned and still could learn are no longer on display because it hurt someone’s feelings. 

Yet, we now have people bringing up our past because it fits a new narrative. We have riots in the streets. Vandals destroying property. Looters rummaging through burning buildings stealing things. Anarchy in the streets. All under the guise of protesting. So, now to justify, legitimize, and support the lawlessness in the streets, we have people using our history to claim what is being done is ok. We have a right to protest. I’m not denying it. Protesting is much different than a free-for-all of people destroying property, setting said properties on fire.

Now there are those who feel the need to defend the rioters and use our past actions of history to vilify violence in the street. They reference The Boston Tea Party as proof we rioted in the past, so we need to do it again. Let’s point out a couple of things.  The Boston Tea Party was a political protest. American colonists, frustrated and angry at Britain for imposing “taxation without representation,” dumped 342 chests of tea, into the harbor. The event was the first major act of defiance to British rule over the colonists. It showed Great Britain that Americans wouldn’t take taxation and tyranny sitting down. Patriots across the 13 colonies decided to fight for independence. The protest dealt with a specific issue. They were tired of being taxed. So instead of paying the tax they destroyed the tea.

Nowhere is there a reference made of any loss of life or destruction of property. Their protest was against the government. They proved their point by dealing with the problem head on. There was no burning of buildings, no evidence of anarchy. If you want to compare the Tea Party to what is going on in our country today, good luck. If you want to compare anything to the Boston Tea Party, look at the peaceful demonstration in Michigan. Same principle, citizens fed up with the government overstepping their authority. Not one shot fired, building destroyed, or anarchy of any kind. No law broken. According to Michigan law, individuals have a right to open and carry a weapon in public spaces. They properly and lawfully protested their state government. 

There has also been mention of The Revolutionary War. Again, not a very good reference to what is going on today. It was fought primarily between the Kingdom of Great Britain and its Thirteen Colonies in America, resulting in the overthrow of British rule in the colonies and the establishment of the United States of America. Once again, it was for the purpose of independence. You cannot vindicate the heinous acts going on in the streets today with America fighting for independence. 

I saw one of the most despicable, and disgraceful pictures used as a way to condone what people all around this country are doing. It was an artist rendition of Jesus when He was in the temple. The Jews had turned His house of worship into a den of thieves, and it angered Him. He turned over tables while driving them out of the temple. Jesus had righteous anger. The picture displayed Jesus with a whip, as if He assaulted people in the church. This is such a misrepresentation of our Savior.  

Jesus’ anger was righteous. He did not attack or assault. He did not tear or burn down the temple. His anger is nothing like what is being displayed today. To use this as a way of pardoning the acts of certain people is unacceptable. 

Are we turning into a society who looks for a reason to validate mayhem so much we disparage our Savior? Do we really compare Jesus’ action in His temple to the unruliness of vandals and anarchists? I know this…

Jesus Christ’s love covers a multitude of sins. He is not an anarchist. He is my Lord and Savior. One day every knee will bow, and tongue confess, He is Lord. I believe with all my heart He does not and will not condone the actions of these protests. Does it break His heart what happened to George Floyd? I would say yes. But because of His broken heart, His anger will always be righteous. To compare His actions to those of sinful people is dishonorable.  

As we the people cry out because of injustice, may we fall on our knees crying out for God to forgive us. We are a sinful people in need of a Savior. Jesus needs to heal our nation. He needs to heal our hearts. Before I stood on my soapbox, I had to check my heart more than once. I want to honor my Savior and scream out about the injustice from both sides.  

Whatever side you may grapple with, may I have a heart willing to listen, learn, and understand. May I be humble, realize disagreement is part of the conversation. I am sometimes so zealous I forget not everyone thinks like or may agree with me. I respect that. Please also understand when anyone dishonors Jesus Christ I will, without apology, speak out how wrong it is. Jesus Christ was crucified, His body ripped and torn open, and thorns shoved into His head for us. Innocence punished; Grace bestowed. I will defend that, and Him always. Especially when such a disgraceful image is used to portray Him.   

To my Christian brothers and sisters: Wherever you may stand on this issue, please be sure your support is not mis-directed. Wrong is wrong, regardless of how justified you may feel these uncontrolled actions are. There should be no condoning of people breaking the law. Be sure your passion is not skewed where it appears you are backing the chaos. No matter how angry, repulsed, disgusted you may be (I too feel this way), let us care about the lives of everyone. 

I saw a post that read “No lives matter, until Black lives matter.” Jesus felt much different as he hung on the cross, giving His life freely for all lives, because He loved all lives. 

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