Whatever It May Be

Five weeks into this, whatever it may be, the frustrations are mounting. This is the first morning in my fifth week of being laid-off (because of whatever it may be) I am up before 6:30. I have always been an early riser, feeling the most productive, and motivated to write. Can’t you tell?

Now, working on book three in my series, I realize early morning is the best medicine for my writer’s block. The solitude, quietness, (except some music playing low in the background) while sitting in the cockpit makes me realize the joy that derives from it. My desk is positioned in a corner spot in my office. Its curved design resembles a cockpit. Everything within arm’s reach or a quick swivel of the chair. So, I’ve dubbed this area as such.

It’s quiet sitting here. Far from most distractions. The love of my life is still nestled, before the harsh reality of her need to un-nestle herself. 40 years ago, being laid-off was a normal part of my work world. 

Now for the first time in 39 years (because of whatever this may be) I am laid-off. The frustration mounting is not due to lack of work. Plenty of projects around the house, both indoor and outdoor make each day pass rather quickly. Add the joy of writing and WALAH! No frustration here. From building a bench, a coat rack and table for our entryway, I have added a small brick path leading to our back porch and a fire-pit to enjoy the evenings. My time off has led to finished projects.

The frustration comes from trying to talk to someone other than a recorded message and a website which seems of little help to answer simple questions. Into my fifth week and I can’t talk to a live person who can give me answers of why I am not receiving any benefits. One prompt tells you to call this number which asks you to go to the website which has no answer to questions I need to ask. So, I try again and again, and again, and again. 

I guess if there is any positive to this, I am writing. It got me up early (to make another call) and sooner or later whatever this may be will end. Maybe! 

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