Writing Goals for 2020

I want to write.

Thought I would let that sink in for a minute. 

Of course, every writer’s goal is to write.

But HOW do I want to write?

I want to write with passion, desire, fortitude. I want the thoughts meandering in my mind, along with those causing a stirring in my heart, to explode onto the page with anticipation of what could be coming next. 

I want my words to inspire, bring delight, interest, and curiosity, while the words spill from my heart as the pen stabs it. No need to endorse my words, just let them touch you, bring that inspiration, curiosity, and delight to life.

When finished, I want you to have been moved by what you read. Moved doesn’t necessarily mean to agree. Writing is an art. Being the artist, I would love nothing more for the reader to be enthused, stirred, satisfied, brought to a fulfilling and gratifying, climatic ending. Where the thought is, “I need a cigarette.”  

Write without rules, without any thought of justifying or answering to anybody. Finish what’s been started and start again. Spark another doubter to put their thoughts in a form which will bring a self-satisfying enjoyment.

2020 the year of vision. May I see the writer. Feel their passion. Be inspired, moved. Even if I don’t agree.

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