Snapshot of God

Where should I start? Let’s see… no world peace, crime on the rise, and global warming. Then there’s inflation that sometimes makes stretching the pay check from week to week a challenge. Depending on whom you choose to believe, we are either in the best of times or our world, as we know it, is spiraling out of control. There are many things that make us worry.

Do you ever worry? My wife worries all the time. She often asks me, “don’t you ever worry?”

“I try not to,” is my usual response. This really doesn’t bring much comfort. It sometimes makes her worry for the both of us. At least that’s what she tells me. I completely understand that in today’s world there is much to be uncertain about; but in scripture we are told to “be still and know that I am God”, Psalm 46:10. That is my solace. Those words never rang clearer as they did one morning on my way to work. 

Ever see a full moon as it’s setting in the western sky? It’s an awesome sight. That morning I got another reminder of how certain and how great our God is. How He is in control of everything. Even when we may think the world is out of control, He gave me a beautiful sight to look at on my drive to work. With the picture I was given on this morning, the ride could have lasted an hour and I wouldn’t have cared!

You see, I get up very early. My wife thinks I’m crazy but wishes she was a morning person like I am. There are some very gratifying joys I receive from being up so early. A moon set is one of them. When the moon is in its fullest stage and it starts showing itself in the eastern sky, it’s enormous. Its glow illuminates the clouds as it travels upward seeming to light up the entire night sky. This particular morning as it was setting in the western horizon, it was also gigantic in size, a beautiful reminder that God is the creator of the universe.

I wanted to go home and shake my wife out of her dreams, sharing the moment with her. I would have pointed to the picture I felt God personally painted for me that morning telling her, “This is why I don’t worry.” It was one of those Kodak moments. With God there are always Kodak moments. Whether it’s watching a hummingbird pollinate or a blue sky filled with white clouds that look soft enough you could jump and play in them all day, you see God in it all. Whenever we look at a photographer’s work or a painter’s canvas and see the vibrant colors, we look past the picture trying to look inside to see the soul of the artist through their work.

God gives us snapshots of Himself every day so that we can see who He is.

This particular morning my breath was taken away when I saw the moon just sitting there.

I said to myself, “Thank you for the reminder of the great God you are”. It was like He was putting His thumbprint on the end of another night or to mark the start of another day opening his world while showing Himself to His creation. As I traveled west it was hanging right in the middle of the road as if God was holding it right in His hands just for me to see. Every once in awhile God gives us something to knock the cobwebs out of our daily lives showing us who He is. We should be grateful.

You can look at the stars at night knowing God placed each one exactly where He wanted. It’s reassuring that they’re in the same place the next night. Not swirling around all out of control. It’s amazing how the sun comes up in the same sky every morning and sets in the same place every evening. The vast expanse of the Grand Canyon or the height of a giant Redwood are just two more signatures of God. We enjoy a gentle rain as the land is being refreshed, hearing the birds make their music during the day while crickets and locust serenade us at night; both given to us to see Him in it all.

The Bible tells us in Exodus that God told Moses to let the people know “I am sent me” The great “I am” has control of everything. We need not worry. In the book of Matthew 6:25 it reads: Therefore I tell you do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body what you will wear. Is life not more important than food, and the body more important than clothes?That is to say animals do not worry, so why should we? We are much more valuable than they, according to verse 25. It’s very easy to worry when we see the sinful side of creation. We think that when bad things happen they slipped past God’s watchful eye.

Not so!

Remember He holds every star in place. He knows each hair on our head. He tells every lightning bolt where it should go. He is in total control. When there is a fresh blanket of pure white snow, be assured that not only is each flake different, He placed each snowflake specifically where it landed. Walking along the beach with each footprint pressed into the sand, He knows each grain. He cares for His creation. He gives us snapshots of Himself just so we can see Him through them. Look for the little things that make us see and let us know the big God we’ve got. 

The other morning on my way to work, I saw my snapshot.

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