Four Legs, Shiny Coat, and a Long Tongue

It’s unexpected, it’s crushing, and it hurts. We ask, we look. What we receive, what we find, sometimes comes in the most unforeseen answer. Two years ago when tragedy struck our family there were all those emotions. Bewilderment latched on like a magnet does to steel. Perplexity played with our hearts while invading our mind. Will comfort ever come? You start to wonder, looking for a glimpse. Praying for a moment. 

Then… comfort arrives with four legs and a long tongue. 

Two months later though the hurt was still fresh, Rush came into our lives and he began to soothe that hurt. We picked Rush up at a local shelter. Kristine’s dad needed a companion. He loves dogs. So the three of us took a drive to the shelter to see what we could find.

Rush was the first dog they brought out for us to see.  He would be the only one. My father-in-law liked him. He was a mix, but was dominated with Labrador features. With a shiny black coat and mesmerizing brown eyes, Kristine’s dad made his choice. 

“Are you sure you don’t want to look at any other dogs?” Kristine asked her dad.

“Nope, we’ll take Rush” he responded.

Good thing. Both of them love dogs so much the decision would have been unbearable which puppy to bring home. Kristine would want every one to come with us. It was soon evident why it would be Rush. He was a gift from God. 

The apprehension of training a puppy made us wonder if this would be the cleverest move at this time. As we all know, puppies need to be trained in simple things. Those simple things could easily become a drain on emotions that are already tangled up. We resolved to the idea, since we live on the same property, the trials and tribulations of training could be shared.

Potty training was just one of the hurdles we knew we’d be facing. With Rush being a puppy, we also feared he would chew on things, or would whine or bark all hours of the night and day. Will he be a challenge to train? The frustration this could lead to again brought the question if this would be a wise move. There is no doubt in my mind God brought us Rush. 

He has brought comfort along with laughter. He is so lovable and is more than willing to lavish you with a slobbered kiss with one of the longest tongues I have seen on a dog. His obedience has made training easy. He hates to be scolded. His ears will droop and he’ll cower making you regret your actions.

The old expression “don’t look at me with those puppy dog eyes” fits Rush perfectly. When he looks at you, you can’t help but love him. This gift from God has grabbed my heart like no other dog has. With family on the same property, Rush gets the joy of being loved by both. When he is at either house and is called over to the other one he races at such a high speed you wonder if he’ll be able to stop.  We live on four acres; he has learned his boundaries knowing exactly where he is allowed to go. It’s a joy to train him as he listens and obeys so easily. 

It’s been two years, and the pain is still fresh, but God gave us a gift with four legs, a shiny black coat, and a very long tongue; his name is Rush.

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